OSX backup from Single User Mode

I ran into some trouble when I closed my Macbook with a low percentage of battery left, I had no problem with it whatsoever when I closed it. The »

Reactive extensions in Javascript

I have done my deep dive in Reactive Extensions, abbreviated called just Rx. And Rx is a library created by Microsoft. It exists in many different »

Material design and React

Using material design with React is very easy and this blogpost will briefly go through using Material Design in React with material-ui. »

Using Webpack with hot reload for React and TypeScript

JavaScript is growing fast and the build systems evolves. It’s then hard to choose the right tool in this plethora of tools. »

Using Waffle for project management

In my project I’ll be using Waffle for project management. Waffle provides a project management board with an minimalistic interface, unlike other »

Falcor for dart

Rasmus and I have for a while been working on to port the FalcorJS router built by Netflix to Dart. »

Switching from gulp to npm scripts

We have been using a large build configuration in our angular application using gulp. Everything from transpiling ES6, compiling sass, concatenating »